Karl Rove is back, with racist codeword attacks on Obama

Bet you were beginning to forget how disgusting Rove actually is. Now he comes back with a piece in the Wall Street Journal, slinging racist code words at Obama (“trash talking, lazy….”). What’s next? watermelon jokes? I think he is misreading the country at this point. I hope to hell he is, anyway. For America’s sake.

Of course, the Hillary surrogates are skating as close as they can to the same sort of stuff. “Shuck and jive” from Mario Cuomo????

To shuck and jive” originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards. The expression was documented as being in wide usage in the 1920s, but may have originated much earlier.

“Shucking and jiving” was a tactic of both survival and resistance. A slave, for instance, could say eagerly, “Oh, yes, Master,” and have no real intention to obey. Or an African-American man could pretend to be working hard at a task he was ordered to do, but might put up this pretense only when under observation. Both would be instances of “doin’ the old shuck ‘n jive.”

Today, the expression has expanded somewhat from earlier usage, and is now sometimes used to mean “talking pure baloney,” “goofing off,” or “goofing around.” The original meaning of deceit often remains, however.


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One response to “Karl Rove is back, with racist codeword attacks on Obama

  1. laura miner

    Below is a collection of uses of ‘shuck and jive’ which don’t have racial context….If a person didn’t know the original use they wouldn’t associate it at all with any particular group. To my old ears it sounds like a mixture of pulling apart ears of corn and Greenwich Village beatniks. Cut-and-pastes below …

    Shuck and Jive
    How industry and politicians are harvesting ethanol for all it’s worth

    The Woodstock Notion
    Published: August 5, 1994

    . . .Exactly 10 years ago, Abbie Hoffman lectured a young reporter in the show room of Grossinger’s, the Borscht Belt hotel near Max Yasgur’s farm, site of Woodstock, the holy quagmire. “Wise up, man,” he said. “Woodstock was shuck and jive, a TV commercial about money!”

    It was the 15th anniversary of the epochal 1969 rock festival, and the moribund Catskills resort, desperate to attract a younger clientele, was putting on a weekend celebration featuring performances by some original Woodstock musicians.

    Microsoft’s Kerberos shuck and jive
    Slammed in a court brief for the proprietary way it implements the Kerberos Web security standard in Windows 2000, Microsoft (MSFT) has moved to reassure customers and disarm critics by publishing the formerly secret details of its version of Kerberos – just one day before the brief was filed.


    Fed Transparency and Other Illusions

    By: Gary North

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. The song and dance, shuck and jive, bait and switch operation known as the Federal Reserve System rolls on, undeterred by Congress or any other government control agency. The whole thing rests on a sham. Bernanke referred to it. “As I have emphasized today, the Federal Reserve is legally accountable to the Congress. . . .”

    People Power: It’s Time To Stop The War Ourselves
    We need a strategy to end the occupation of Iraq and stop the next invasion, in Iran or elsewhere. One reason it’s been hard to mobilize people since the invasion of Iraq is the absence of a clear logic as to where our efforts are headed.What will another march, continued lobbying, or even a nonviolent direct action add up to? How will we actually stop this war and prevent the next one?

    User Post:
    . . . . It has been a deliberate policy to confuse the 3 conflicts, the occupation of Iraq, the fight against the 9/11 attackers and the unConstitutional ‘war on terror’.

    Separate them, don’t let the neo-clowns shuck-and-jive and hide behind the all-encompassing ‘war’ terminology.


    Dictionary of American Regional English …shuck and jive…dance around….

    More McClellan shuck and jive..

    Is T. Boone Pickens Right ?. . . .Since I believe what we are witnessing in the stock and oil market’s are nothing but “shuck and jive”, I don’t believe a trend unless it is sustainable.

    By the way, the definition of “shuck and jive” in the urban dictionary is “Not the whole truth; or manipulating something to get it your way”. I do believe there is a lot of “shucking and jiving”going on.

    Here are a some recent comments by T. Boone Pickens. . . . .

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