Old John McCain loves the American occupation of Iraq

Old John McCain is off the deep end.


According to presidential candidate John McCain, only the handling of the Iraq war was a mistake — not the war itself.

“It’s not American presence that bothers the American people, it’s American causalities,” said McCain in an interview with Tim Russert on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday.

— and reasserted as much on Sunday — that as long as Americans aren’t dying, he sees nothing wrong with US troops staying as many as 100 years in Iraq.

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One response to “Old John McCain loves the American occupation of Iraq

  1. ralfast

    Of course he does. McCain is the Manchurian Candidate par excellence! Did a story on my blog (as well as a podcast) on it. Check them out at your leisure. BTW, great banner. Haven’t touched my wordpress account because I prefer my blogger one, but that may change soon.

    Nice blog and here is the links:



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