2007 global temperatures on pace to be 2nd warmest in history.


2005 is the warmest year in recorded history. Through November, NASA reports that 2007 is looking like it will be the second warmest. This at a time when solar activity is at a minimum. According to NASA, we would be even warmer but for the El Nina phenomenon.



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4 responses to “2007 global temperatures on pace to be 2nd warmest in history.

  1. Not here. It’s freezing. Coldest winter in a very, long time.

  2. TRM

    and it’s all our fault, I heard that all of the tempature fluctuations of the past were the product of humans traveling thru time in SUV’s to wreak havoc,,, it seemed to upset the dinosaur’s when they realized they would be used for fuel… but upon learning of their distress we kindly sent back the dog whisperer and crisis counselor’s to help them with their feelings…

  3. I wonder what size pooper scooper you need for a dinasour. I don’t think I ever saw Fred Flinstone use one.

  4. TRM

    Fred didn’t use one, what do you think Wilma was alway’s cooking?

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