Lobbyists in DC prevent action on global warming

Guardian Unlimited:

The Senate rejects effective action on climate change because its members are bought and bound by the companies that stand to lose. When you study the tables showing who gives what to whom, you are struck by two things.

One is the quantity. Since 1990, the energy and natural resources sector – mostly coal, oil, gas, logging and agribusiness – has given $418m to federal politicians in the US. Transport companies have given $355m. The other is the width: the undiscriminating nature of this munificence. The big polluters favour the Republicans, but most of them also fund Democrats.

….Until the American people confront their political funding system, their politicians will keep speaking from the pocket…



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3 responses to “Lobbyists in DC prevent action on global warming

  1. The amount of money you talk about seems large the way you present it but look at it this way, it’s about 750 million spead over 17 years. That’s about 44 million. Now there are 535 in both houses of congress. But let’s say they only give to half, that’s 267. (We don’t consider that 10% of this pool changes every 2 years.) That’s 164,000 each or about $20,000 per election.

    But that $20,000 doesn’t come in one lump some. It’s spead across all the oil, logging, coal, and car companies. Let’s just say there are only 10 of those. That’s $2,000 per election each. Note that you can’t always assume that coal and oil are on the same side all the time. So how much influence is a 6 million dollar house of representatives race will $2000 buy especially if both candidates get a piece.

    Also take a look at the election laws, corporations can’t make political contributions.

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  3. It seems to me that most of the scientists can’t agree about anything on the subject.

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