Harry Reid has to go. period.

The senate majority leader is becoming the minority leader. Though he supposedly hates Bush, he tolerates the truly record-breaking numbers of filibusters and “holds” by the Republicans, who have actually begun to brag about their obstructionism; see today’s Wall Street Journal front page:

Stopping stuff is Sen. Coburn’s specialty. In a Congress that has had trouble passing even the simplest legislation, Sen. Coburn, who proudly wears the nickname “Dr. No,” is a one-man gridlock machine. This year, the senator, who indeed is a medical doctor, single-handedly blocked or slowed more than 90 bills, driving lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to distraction.

It is one thing to have one’s hands tied by the numbers; it is another to let the obstructionists succeed, without making them pay a price in the media. Reid has been a complete failure in this regard.

And now, at the same time he rolls over for Republicans, Reid not only fights the leading senators of his own party, he disses them in the press:

Via Glenn Greenwald:

Jim Manley, Reid’s spokesman, was speaking the truth as Harry Reid viewed things. Reid could have pushed the FISA bill through if he wanted to, over Dodd’s objections, but it would have taken time, several days. Reid decided to wait till mid-January.

A little noticed statement Reid made to reporters on Tuesday: he said that by mid-to-late January, when the Senate takes up FISA again, it’s likely the presidential campaign will be finished. That was a not-so-subtle dig, I think, at Dodd, who some Democrats believe was grand-standing to try to gain attention for his floundering ’08 campaign. Don’t yell at me for saying this, this is what some Democrats here on the Hill believe.

Eventually, in a month or two, it’s extremely likely the Senate will pass a FISA reauthorization with telecom immunity, so Manley’s comment in that regard was accurate. So those of you in the blogosphere attacking Jim should understand, he’s channeling Reid when he says that.

Reid continues to allow Bush to act as a virtual dictator, and therefore has failed in his position, has failed our country, and is a liability for the Democratic Party.

He needs to step down.


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One response to “Harry Reid has to go. period.

  1. TRM

    Being republican I find it amusing, but were I a lib I would be ashamed to have such an inneffective little mouse speaking for my interest…

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