Your move, Israel….

A bunch of countries are ramping up aid to the non-elected leadership of the West Bank,  while continuing to hold hostage the economies of both Gaza and the West Bank.  Bush, of course, isn’t giving anything, merely repledging money that’s already been pledged. Will Israel do anything positive? of course not.  Just like Bush.

Despite the new aid pledges, the Palestinian Authority’s economy will continue to contract unless Israel eases its blockage of the Gaza Strip and remove key internal checkpoints to allow Palestinians to move freely in the West Bank, the World Bank cautioned in its report.

The World Bank estimated that without such measures, the Palestinian gross domestic product would probably contract by 2 percent annually over the next five years. If Israel does ease the restrictions, and if the Palestinians put promised reforms in place, the economy could grow 5 percent a year, the report added.

Mr. Abbas, in his remarks, appealed to Israel to take a number of concrete measures, including a freeze on all settlements in the Palestinian territories, the dismantling of what he identified as “wildcat settlements,” a halt to construction of Israel’s barrier of separation and the release of more Palestinian prisoners.



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7 responses to “Your move, Israel….

  1. Ed

    Israel’s move? I think not. Why should Israel make it easier for Gaza when the rockets rain down daily. The ball is in the same court it’s been in for 60 years – the Arab one. Let Gazans show that they are interested in a peaceful two state solution and you’ll see how fast Israel reacts. As former British PM Tony Blair said – he wouldn’t negotiate with anyone sending rockets to civilian areas on a daily basis – why should Israel?

  2. A thorny situation you and I are not likely to solve. But certainly you are right that it has been 60 years. I would add that Israel continues to have possession of land to which it is not entitled under international law. And continues to take more. After 60 years. You may know better than I how many rockets are fired from Gaza each day. But I think you will not dispute the fact that many more innocent Palestinians than Israelis have died. Mr. Blair is a poor reference, let me suggest; he seems to have no problem with killing innocent Arabs on a massive scale for no particular reason. I hope you will not cite Mr. Bush. It is naive to suggest that Israel is the poor victim here.

    It seems to me that Israel has no interest in going back to legal boundaries, and will therefore never achieve peace.

    Continuing starvation of an occupied people adds to the crime. I just don’t see how the occupier can demand that the occupied cease to resist the occupation. The occupation is the crime, regardless of how some try to paint it as being the other way around.

    You may disagree. I’d be interested in your comments.

  3. Mr X

    If Israel has no interest in going back to its “legal boundaries” it is because no one seriously believes that it will achieve peace by unilateral withdrawal. Indeed, the Israeli-Arab conflict started before the Israeli occupation. The best chance for peace remains a land for peace swap, whether it is a crime to hold territory gained in a war of self-defense until the other side comes to terms is something for philosophers to decide. Whether it is inhuman to starve an entire population, engage in suicide bombings, and launch rockets is obvious.

  4. Ed

    Both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs are victims here. They are both victims of an Arab leadship which has, over the years, created Palestinian Arab refugee status by starting wars to destroy Israel, by failing to absorb the refugees they created (Israel absorbed the equal or greater number of Jewish refugees created by those same wars), and by using them as both political and military fodder over this time. The latest incarnation of this problem is Iran’s use of Palestinians as fodder in the form of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

    All any of these groups ever had to do to stop the victimization is to accept the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel. Everyone would be happier except the Arab tyrants who depend on the conflict to perpetuate their illegitimate dictatorships.

    Yes, I do dispute your statement that more innocent Palestinians have died than Israelis, but that dispute should not stop us from making peace. The moment that the Arab world is more interested in creating a new state than it is in destroying an existing one, a peaceful revolution will occur, and both peoples’ national inspirations will be realized.

  5. Ed

    Make that national aspirations!!! : )

  6. With all due respect, I think that the conditions laid down for “peace” are unachievable by a Palestinian government that would have majority support, and not relevant to the question of an illegal occupation. Nor are allegations as to who started what war, 50 years ago, relevant anymore. I think that George W. Bush has been a great tragedy for Israel, as he has for the rest of the world, for he has endorsed the politics of brutality, which if followed by any country, will eventually lead to its downfall; the US and Israel are no exceptions, however much they think they are.

  7. Ed

    To say that “conditions laid down for peace are unachievable by a Palestinian government that would have majority support” is another way of saying that most Palestinians are not ready to live in peace with a country for the Jewish people.

    When you boil it down, that is the only real condition laid down for peace. They’ve been too acculturated to hate and martyrdom and an honor mentality. Thanks to Arafat and the other terrorist leaders for that.

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