CNN does pathetic hit job on Al Gore


If you wondered how low the mass media could go, this is probably the lowest so far.  I can’t imagine that CNN came up with the idea; rather it almost certainly was “sponsored” by some advertising client of CNN, someone who has an economic interest in seeing global warming continue.

Al Gore is more popular in Europe than in the U.S., just like Jerry Lewis! CNN then illustrates this profound point by showing a particularly moronic segment of The Nutty Professor. For you young people out there, this was a 1963 comedy (released just a few months, believe it or not, before Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove), about a science professor who drinks a potion to make himself handsome. I don’t have time to search the archives of Cahiers du Cinema right now, but French film intellectuals reportedly found depths of irony in le Jerry that escaped Americans….

Just like Al Gore!

CNN cut to a segment with some discredited global warming skeptic (i.e. flat earther) for balance. American Morning played a quote of one of its own reporters claiming that Nobel Peace Prizes are political. Miles O’Brien reported from Oslo that Nordics love nothing more than Bush-bashing, and that approval of Bush is only 10-12 percent in Norway! He doesn’t mention that it is currently hovering at 24 percent in the U.S. and falling.

Just to add to their attempt to be “fair and balanced,” CNN adds (with no evidence whatever) that this is the prize that Bill Clinton would have liked to win for his Middle East peace efforts, but that instead it went to his Vice President. Who was “defeated” seven years ago by George W. Bush.

And there’s more. Apparently, according to Miles O’Brien, as many as 90 percent of those credulous, Bush-bashing Europeans actually have confidence in the findings of science!!! As compared to a mere 50 percent of Americans, who apparently are wisely skeptical



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2 responses to “CNN does pathetic hit job on Al Gore

  1. Dude, we must have seen a different show. The whole thing was an endearing, almost reverential, kid-glove affair. The moderator looked like he was gonna cry and grab Al’s garment. Anyways, we all have subjective bias filters that shape what we see. You wanted Al to be a victim so you found the only isolated segment of the show that could be portrayed to fulfill your belief.

    MC Rove in ’08

  2. TRM

    And for all of you kids out there,,,, the world is not going to end, the earth is going to be fine, 10 years from now they will be declaring a new “emergency” and they will forget all about this one.. Its actually pretty funny…

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