Time to call a halt to nooses

If we had a president who cared about our country, he would have already made public statements about the use of nooses to intimidate blacks.  This is now completely out of hand.


Filed under bigotry and prejudice, George W. Bush: is he really THAT bad?, Politics, Racism, Republican politicians: are any of them normal

3 responses to “Time to call a halt to nooses

  1. theblacksentinel

    I totally agree with you. But as we have already seen by past behavior this president could care less about the black population. In fact I haven’t heard too many of these presidential hopefuls care too much themselves.

    Also, I love bowling and that header is just great. I have been bowling league for years. I just recently moved and haven’t been able to join as of yet. But just give me a little time…

  2. thanks; somehow, in the Big Lebowski, neither Walter, the Dude or Donny ever roll.

  3. theblacksentinel

    very true, such a funny movie. dude, this is a private residence! that was classic.

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