Stanford dorm rooms to go co-ed; yes, I said “rooms.”


The movement builds on Stanford’s decision in September to expand its non-discrimination policies to protect students who are biologically one gender, but psychologically identify with the other.

Although students have pressed for coed rooms for years, they say the new language grants them the right to live with whatever gender they best relate to – platonically or otherwise.

Throughout much of Stanford’s history, students mingled mostly at mixers. But in recent years, the sexes have grown more chummy. First came coed dormitories in 1966. Next came coed floors, even unisex bathrooms. Bedrooms are the final frontier.

Other schools do it

If Stanford housing officials adopt a “gender-blind” option for all students, the campus would join a small but growing number of colleges that are modifying policies to accommodate male and female students who want to live together. It is already available at about 30 schools, including California Institute of Technology, University of California-Riverside, Dartmouth, New York University and Swarthmore. “It’s not that radical,” Roubos said.

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