On the use of pop Christianity by our military

Eric Horner is a “pop Christian” rock star who seems to have increasing ties to the increasingly “christianized” military.

leevank at dkos:

As a Christian, I’m appalled; as an American

I’m outraged.

Jesus spent much of his ministry fighting against ostentatious displays of public piety that cheapen genuine, deep religious faith. In the words that immediately precede the Lord’s Prayer, he admonished his followers not to pray loudly and in public like the hypocrites, but to pray privately, where they were alone with God. And in countless ways, most notably the Parable of the Good Samaritan, he preached that there is no “other” — that those who don’t share one’s faith or ethnicity may be more one’s true neighbors than those who do.

It constantly strikes me how fundamentally UN-Chrisitan, and perhaps even ANTI-Christian, the overall message and approach of many of these people is. Jesus never shoved his message down anybody’s throat. And he certainly would have been appalled at the constant intertwinings of secular and religious messages that these people push.

And one can only imagine the consternation that most of the Founding Fathers, many of them Deists, would have felt about this.


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