More toxic toys from China: our government sucks

Our taxes are supposed to be used to do things for us; to protect us from toxic products, for example.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission might as well not even exist any more.  State governments are having to pick up the pieces, with little in the way of resources.

More than 500,000 pieces of children’s jewelry are being recalled for excessive levels of lead paint after a dozen retailers, including Michaels Stores, Big Lots and Family Dollar Stores, agreed to a settlement with the New York state Attorney General’s Office, federal and state officials said Wednesday.

Michaels does not have to pay a fine, through some of the others retailers will, including Big Lots, which agreed to pay a $1,000 penalty under the settlement.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall includes 29 jewelry items, including a total of 200,000 pieces sold at 950 Michaels Stores. The items, such as butterfly charms and toggle bracelets, were supplied by Pure Allure in Oceanside, Calif.

Despite recent recalls of millions of hazardous and lead-contaminated children’s jewelry and toys, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and national consumer groups urge parents to be diligent over the holiday season because unsafe items remain on store shelves. Lead can be toxic and can cause developmental problems in children.

Bush and GOP congress spent record amounts of money, there have been record deficits, the national debt is ballooning, people are wondering about Social Security….  yet we get no meaningful service from our government.
Where did the money go?


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  1. priscilla

    to the bush cheney wars!

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