Condi Rice: once the Pope tells you to get lost, it’s really over, isn’t it?

That Pope thing must have stung, but of course Ms. Rice lied about the humiliation. I’m sure it was the same after her academic book got panned back in the 80’s.  I hear she is proud of her website, thinks that’s a pretty great thing to have spent three years on. I can’t say for sure how great it is or isn’t, I’m not a techie. I did notice this on the moving ticker, about “clearing landmines and saving lives.” I’m sure Ms. Rice reads the papers: we furnished cluster bombs to Israel to drop in Lebanon. Maybe she should include some apology for that in her fancy tickershit.

But the website, I’m sure, will produce more than this ridiculous “summit” to which she has invited everyone connected with the Middle East except, predictably, Hamas. According to the Economist (not exactly a leftie rag):

[Bush] botched Iraq, dropped his democratic “freedom agenda” when the Arabs started voting for the wrong people [Hamas], and has spent most of his two terms more or less ignoring Palestine…..This is a party nobody is thrilled to have been asked to…the administration appears to see Annapolis as a way to roll out the customary pieties on Palestine and so make it easier for America to line up its Arab friends against Iran.

There isn’t even any agreement between Abbas and Ohmert.

That’s likely to make some headway, isn’t it?
Thanks, Ms. Rice. For all the great things you haven’t done for America. Did you ever wonder why you were chosen by George Bush’s handlers? think about it.

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