Bush making late charge for a Smokey award

Evidently Bush can’t do anything about Musharaff, so now he’s going to start portraying him as the George Washington of Pakistan. Watch the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and the Beltway Pundits take up the chant.  The damage done to America and the world over the last 6 years is exceeded by the damage to the truth.

President Bush yesterday offered his strongest support of embattled Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, saying the general “hasn’t crossed the line” and “truly is somebody who believes in democracy.”

Bush spoke nearly three weeks after Musharraf declared emergency rule, sacked members of the Supreme Court and began a roundup of journalists, lawyers and human rights activists. Musharraf’s government yesterday released about 3,000 political prisoners, although 2,000 remain in custody, according to the Interior Ministry.


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