FBI raids makers of “Ron Paul dollars?” what is this about?


Secret Service and FBI agents raided the makers of Ron Paul silver dollars, Liberty Dollar of Evansville, Ind., early Thursday in a move likely aimed at stamping out an illegal currency[??!!].
The company started selling precious-metal coins stamped with an image of Paul earlier this year, with the first one made of silver available in July. Part of the marketing for the coins involved a promise that part of the sale price would be donated to the Paul campaign.

But if the raid results in the conviction of anyone involved, it is possible that the Paul campaign may have to return a cash donation made by Liberty Dollar.

I can’t believe that with all the “mints” around stamping out “memorabilia” coins that anyone could take seriously the idea that these things are counterfeit money. I will bet anyone that this raid originated in the campaign headquarters of Rudy Giuliani.
More on the story here.Undermining the US currency??? hardly. But I would anticipate that this raid is gonna pump up Paul’s campaign again.


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One response to “FBI raids makers of “Ron Paul dollars?” what is this about?

  1. FZappa

    Funny how the Liberty Dollar has been around for 8 years, but only now — with the price of gold at record highs, the dollar at record lows, and Ron Paul’s campaign taking off — do the Feds decide to “make an example out of someone.”

    They’ve overstepped their bounds. People are irate about this, and they should be. It’s in the Constitution that gold and silver are legal tender, and it’s no wonder, with the dollar collapsing, that people want to protect their savings, which is what the Liberty Dollar is all about.

    This raid is nothing but the Mafia-like Federal Reserve protecting their money racket. Von Nothaus is right to be suing the US Treasury, and he’ll win.

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