Andrew Sullivan: won’t give up the race card


It is a pity that educated people find it necessary to continue to be nativists, to try to make much of skin color, to try to find differences, rather than treat all people as individuals and equals in the face of the law and whatever god there might be.

Whatever in the world does the racial profile of Olympic sprinters have to do with the world of Andrew Sullivan? Really. What is the purpose of such a statement? It’s just to crack open the door to bigotry. It goes like this: “Now that we’ve established that “they” are “different,” let’s just push ahead to “they‘re not like ‘us…”

This is the kind of wink, wink crap I expect to hear repeated by the alienated right, but I didn’t think Andrew Sullivan was part of that crowd. I guess I was wrong.

A pity. Maybe it’s time to dust off some slurs about gays. A little cold water for Mr. Sullivan.


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