The fake FEMA news conference: way over the line

Here are some pics of this miscarriage of government, with the actors identified.

CBS News has obtained this photo of the now infamous fake FEMA press conference held during the California wildfires. The photo, taken by a FEMA employee, is one of the only known photos of the press gallery of that event.

The gallery is not filled with members of the press but with high-level agency employees.

At the podium on the left is Vice Admiral Harvey Johnson, the second in command at FEMA.

The former director of public affairs at the agency, John “Pat” Philbin told CBS News last week, “I am not aware that he knew what was happening and all of sudden staff were asking questions.”

Identified in the photo are staff members that Johnson works closely with on a daily basis.
The agency’s deputy administrator, Harvey Johnson, called on FEMA employees by name during the news conference and knew they weren’t reporters.

Why does Harvey Johnson still have a job? On the positive side, he’s a leading candidate for a Smokey Award.


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