Rove’s dream coming true in Alabama: Siegelman in jail, Exxon exonerated

I’m no expert on Alabama. But something dark is going on there, some expression of the Rovian dream for America.

–Don Siegelman, Democratic governor, brings action against ExxonMobil for fraudulently underpaying oil and gas drilling royalties.
–E-M is found guilty, and a judgement of 3 billion bucks is entered against them.
–Siegelman gets indicted, convicted and imprisoned under suspicious circumstances
–The eight Republican members of the Alabama Supreme Court outvote the single Democrat and vacate the fraud verdict.

The dark forces unite. Exxon you know about.

Where does Rove come in?

Over the last fifteen years, judicial elections in Alabama have been increasingly politicized, with enormous sums of money entering the state from the national business community in an effort to seize control of the state’s courts. This money was largely channeled by the Chamber of Commerce and entities controlled by it and by the Business Council of Alabama, run by William Canary—the key figure in the scandal surrounding the politically manipulated prosecution of former Governor Siegelman.

William Canary is a campaign partner of Karl Rove’s and worked with Rove in Alabama Court politics starting with 1992; Toby Roth, the former chief of staff to Governor Bill Riley was a third member of their team. The Rove-Canary-Roth team scored a series of quite astonishing successes, and in the end it totally transformed the Alabama court landscape, starting with the state’s Supreme Court.

I have no reason to link Rove, Canary and Roth to the specific litigation between ExxonMobil and the State of Alabama in particular. But in broader terms, the ExxonMobil decision should be counted the ultimate triumph of the Rove-Canary-Roth game plan. It got the oil and gas community exactly what it was aiming for from the beginning: the elimination of punitive damage awards in commercial cases.

The eight Republican judges on Alabama’s high court who backed ExxonMobil were put in office with the money of the business community, and the money of the oil and gas community. No matter what these eight judges say and do, they have laid themselves open to the charge that they hold the interests of their corporate donors very dear, but not the interests of the people of the state of Alabama. And it’s unlikely that their electors intended that result.

Alabama’s courts and prosecutors have become a cesspool. The unjust prosecution of former Governor Siegelman is only one of the more obvious reflections of this inequity; the decision in the ExxonMobil case is just as blatant and reflects no less the stench of corruption.

Another thing troubled me about this case. When I spoke with a number of Alabama lawyers to gain their impressions about the case, several of them directly questioned the intervention of Governor Bob Riley in it. According to two lawyers, Riley insisted that the firm which handled the litigation (and which obviously did a splendid job at the trial level, though it had troubles on appeal) affiliate a second firm on the case.

According to this account, if the firm refused to cut his lawyer friends into the action, Riley suggested he would simply hire new counsel. The law firm he pressured the state’s counsel to affiliate is described as having a close relationship with the Governor’s son, a Birmingham lawyer. These dealings need to be fully explored and exposed to the light of day.

If the governor was intervening in the matter in a way calculated to produce economic benefit for his son, that would obviously raise serious ethics issues. However, in the current environment in Alabama, no misdeeds of the government are exposed in the state’s lapdog press or seriously investigated by its law enforcement agencies, which have long ceased to function as dispassionate law enforcement.

All of this is evidence of the state’s complete political putrifaction, in which courts and prosecutors have been rendered into agents of corruption rather than safeguarders of state ethics. The Siegelman case demonstrates that claims of “clean government” have been wielded fraudulently, as a cynical political tool, destroying confidence in the impartial administration of justice.



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4 responses to “Rove’s dream coming true in Alabama: Siegelman in jail, Exxon exonerated

  1. dirtymoney

    Good Post!
    Oil men Bush and Cheney have managed to get oil to close at above $97.00 a barrel, Gold is at a 30 year high and the U.S. dollar is at its all time low. Good job guys. There is more Federal money going to civilian mercenaries than to American solders.

    During the last seven years our borders have been left open, now we have over 14 million illegal immigrants. Most people assume that they are friendly Mexicans wanting jobs picking fruit; however, every military power in the world has managed to slip spies up through Mexico and across our borders unchallenged. Who do you think has been setting fires to destroy our timber which is one our much needed natural resources?

    Alabama is right in the middle of Bush’s corruption. Bush has had to help Bob Riley win his elections for governor. Slick Bob is being groomed as a potential vice president candidate for the 2008 election. But what about his connection to Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon during the 2002 election. Also, there is another cloud over Riley’s head that involves their conspiracy to eliminate his opponent in the 2006 election which is starting to get national attention.

    By showing no shame and declaring executive privileges the occupants in the white house have become fugitives that are untouchable. Charges can’t be brought against them, because the judicial system works for the executive branch in which the President is the man in charge.

    Congress has not been able to start an impeachment process because there are very few conservative (honest) Republican’s remaining in Congress who align themselves with the traditional Republican values. Bush’s new group of corrupt politicians are still using the good name of the GOP and they still run on the Republican ticket; however, they are aligning themselves on Bush and his corruption.

    What’s the next move once a new president assumes office? What could possibly be Bush’s plan? How are they going to avoid prosecutions and possibly war crime charges? How are they going to prevent the Feds. from seizing their bank accounts and their assets. Will Bush perform midnight pardons? But, first they have to be charged with a crime to be pardoned. Who then would pardon Bush?

    I believe that they have all their eggs in one basket. The new President will have to be a close ally. With so many facing possible prosecutions, I believe that what they did to get Bob Riley elected governor is just an example of what might happen to their presidential opponents.

    I believe that Karl Rove has never been debriefed and that he is still using the NSA to do wiretapping to gather whatever information that he needs to eliminate top presidential candidates. I believe that Bush is using the Justice department to investigate, investigate and investigate all presidential candidates, and that Karl Rove is being given the results of their investigations to be used to blackmail and to generate smear campaign ads. This is the same thing that he and Donal Segretti done for Nixon. Segretti went to prison; however Karl was only twenty one and escaped prosecution. Maybe he won’t be as lucky this time. If Karl’s tactics fail to get their candidate in the lead, I fear that the leading candidate(s) will be assassinated.

  2. tandress

    We Alabamians have been treated like crap since Bush has been in office. Everyone over time has learned the ways of the Bush administration and how Riley used Rove, the Choctaw Indians, ballot stuffing and the U.S. court to obtain the highest office in the state.

    What a lot of citizens don’t know is who’s been pulling the strings in Alabama for the high ranking GOP candidates? It is William J. Canary who has become one of Alabama’s fastest grown millionaires. He is a modern day Jimmy Hoffa over the truckers union. He is very powerful and one of Bush’s hatchet men. He was appointed by papa Bush in 1989 as a special assistant to the president. He is a very powerful GOP operative in Alabama and he has served as chief of staff for the Republican National Committee.

    He has taken over the old credit bureaus his business license is under the name of the Business Council of Al. He has been using their good names as a front to be an agent to perform the following:

    (1) To laundry dirty money from casinos, drug trafficking, big businesses, PAC money, etc.

    (2) To conduct business claiming a none profit tax exempt status.

    (3) Keep a steady cash flow through agents that Rove, Riley and Bush made available to them.

    (4) Act as an agent for directing military contracts to sham companies or to companies that over charge the government as much as 80%.

    In exchange for GOP politicians in high places turning their backs while Canary conducts his operations the following free services are provided to them:

    (1) campaign funding.

    (2) Manage or assist in managing elections.

    (3) Monitor and edit voting machines at the polls.

    (4) Use special agents in Middle Alabama to investigate by picking and hunting for anything that they can used against their candidates’ opponents in the news media or that can be used against them in court.

    (5) Use the three largest newspapers in Alabama to demean the opposition.

  3. “…the elimination of punitive damage awards in commercial cases…”

    That’s the best outcome of all! Anything to keep the trial lawyers out of the loop is a good thing. Now that their boy Barry and his teleprompter are “in charge” you may to twist your stories.

  4. I’ll be looking forward to your story on Ted Stevens now.

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