Greenland rising as weight of ice decreases


Khan and his colleagues have been monitoring data from these stations since 2001 and have found that the southeastern tip of the country is definitely rising upwards. They have also found that the rate of rise has dramatically accelerated in recent years.

“Before 2004, the uplift was about 0.5 cm to 1 cm per year,” Khan told New Scientist. Since then, however, the land has been rising four times faster. “This means that since 2004, Greenland has been losing four times more ice than before,” he says.

These figures roughly correspond to other measurements of how much ice is being lost by the ice sheet.

In 2006, a team led by Eric Rignot from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, US, published findings suggesting that there had been a sudden acceleration in the rate at which Greenland was losing ice during 2004.



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