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Why we (you and me, our country) are going to bomb Iran

Because the Republicans think that is the only way they can win the presidency in 2008.
Frank Rich:

It’s disgusting.



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Why would waterboarding be used if it weren’t torture?

answer me that.
And you might want to read Digby.

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Saudis most responsible for terrorism

Yet, somehow, every day it’s another story about how Iran is the enemy.

…wealthy Saudis remain the chief financiers of worldwide terror networks. “If I could somehow snap my fingers and cut off the funding from one country, it would be Saudi Arabia,” said Stuart Levey, the US Treasury official in charge of tracking terror financing.

Extremist clerics provide a stream of recruits to some of the world’s nastiest trouble spots.

An analysis by NBC News suggested that the Saudis make up 55% of foreign fighters in Iraq. They are also among the most uncompromising and militant.

Half the foreign fighters held by the US at Camp Cropper near Baghdad are Saudis. They are kept in yellow jumpsuits in a separate, windowless compound after they attempted to impose sharia on the other detainees and preached an extreme form of Wahhabist Islam.

link (go there too see Bush kissing Saudi princes)

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repeat headline every day: coal mine accident kills 13 in China

In 2006, coal mine accidents killed 4,746 people in China in 2006 with an average of 13 deaths per day.


47 coal miners were killed in the US in 2006, more than double the number killed in 2005.

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