Kilimanjaro glacier retreat not due to “deforestation”

The retreat of the glacier on Kilimanjaro was used by Al Gore to show the effects of global climate change. The causation of this phenomenon has been called into question, and critics have cited a “study” which supposedly blamed the disappearance of the glacier on deforestation. That is nonsense. Forests don’t “pump moisture into the air.” Trees consume water and carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen and fixed carbon products. And the “study” was not a study. It was just somebody’s idea in a newspaper story.  For the lowdown on the complexity of Kilimanjaro, see this.



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3 responses to “Kilimanjaro glacier retreat not due to “deforestation”

  1. rescuekilisnow

    I don’t agree when you say forest don’t pump moisture into the air. Have you put consideration on how rain is formed? If you have then you must have seen important role of transpiration. I do belive we can count on this for stopping the glacier retreat on the mountain. Only we need to know how to do it right

  2. codehead

    “Someone’s idea of a newspaper story”? I didn’t know that Nature magazine was considered “a newspaper”. Meanwhile you supply a blog article from an AGW advocacy site as evidence to the contrary. Hmmm…

  3. At least some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this blog…

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