No county fire department in San Diego

NY Times:

San Diego County, the largest county in California without a fire department, relies on a hodgepodge of local departments that are almost all serving areas where populations are growing faster than their tax bases, and which are often low on money among a constituency that is generally allergic to taxes.



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3 responses to “No county fire department in San Diego

  1. Vicki Baker

    I saw this too and then set it out for my husband to read-when I’m gnashing my teeth at something, I like to share with him! I used to head a local government finance department and it drives me nuts to see what these no-taxes Republicans are doing to government services. It irks me that as part of our mutual aid agreements, we have to send people, supplies and equipment for San Diego while they continue to vote down more taxes for emergency services. I feel for the people who aren’t being served, and perhaps this latest disaster will wake them up. No developer should be allowed to build subdivisions without providing the funding mechanism for fire services. I hope that property insurers, through fire insurance rate increases, will ultimately force San Diego County to create a fire service. I hope this article wakes people up to their sorry state of fire prevention, instead of people thinking that poor San Diego just has worse fires than everyone else.

  2. Jeff

    I couldn’t agree more with Vicki Baker.
    I heard a couple of fire officals complain that the marine aircraft didn’t help out quick enough. While it is fine to use military resources, they shouldn’t be blamed if San Diego County can get it together to have their own fire dept.!
    If you want to live in paradise, be willing to pay the price. Be willing to pay for services. There will always be fires in South California.
    I know. I was raised there.

  3. Robert

    San Diego County is just over 4,500 square miles. The city of San Diego has one fire helicopter, and with no County fire department they look to the Cal Fire and military for assistance. In comparison Los Angeles County at 4,700 square miles has the City of Los Angeles with six fire helicopters and LA County has eight. LA County also leases two Super Scooper aircraft from Canada during Santa Ana wind season. As you said earlier San Diego County residents need to step up and help themselves. We give to the Red Cross to help these folks each time these fires take out homes. But unless local tax money is not approved to improve San Diego County’s fire fighting ability, these terrible event will occur again as in the Cedar Fire in 2003.

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