Baseball: LA Dodgers, a team on the cusp

The Dodgers covered a transitional year with several aging hulks and never was’s. They have a great young nucleus of players and several more in the pipeline. Now is the time to ax the Kents, Nomars, Gonzales’, and Pierres (maybe they can get one decent pitcher in exchange) and resist the temptation to bring in fence-buster (but also franchise-buster) A-Rod. If they figure out this simple strategy and give Clayton Kershaw another year to figure it out (he’s one year out of high school), they could challenge the Rockies in 2009 (maybe sooner).

Unfortunately, I don’t think that anyone who pays Juan Pierre 8 million bucks has got the brains to do it.  I hear they’re thinking about switching him to left field.  That would be interesting; the first left fielder in major league history to have zero home runs in a season.

Too bad.

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  1. Yes, the writer has all the bases covered here. Especially on Juan Pierre! Jeff & Nomar are quality people and they contribute seasoned leadership and quality chemistry to any team they play on. But the Dodgers need to build on and develop the young talent they have. Pierre? I’d like to see where he stacks up in the line-up if you sort on TBA? With all of his SB’s and lack of BB’s, I bet he doesn’t look like he deserves another starting role on this team.

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