The illegal wiretapping and surveillance of Americans

Glenn Greenwald’s very important post today on the political prosecution of Quest CEO Joseph Nacchio:

The cooperation between the various military/intelligence branches of the Federal Government — particularly the Pentagon and the NSA — and the private telecommunications corporations is extraordinary and endless. They really are, in every respect, virtually indistinguishable. The Federal Government has its hands dug deeply into the entire ostensibly “private” telecommunications infrastructure and, in return, the nation’s telecoms are recipients of enormous amounts of revenues by virtue of turning themselves into branches of the Federal Government. There simply is no separation between these corporations and the military and intelligence agencies of the Federal Government.


It is a never-ending carousel of multi-billion dollar transactions — pursuant to which enormous sums of taxpayer money are transferred to these telecoms in exchange for the telecoms serving as obedient divisions of the Government, giving them unfettered access to all of the data and content of the communications of American citizens.

That is what is so extraordinary — and so absolutely appalling — about the casual advocacy on the part of our nation’s “journalists” for Congressional amnesty for telecoms. The amnesty they advocate would result in the complete and permanent dismissal of all of the pending lawsuits arising out of this joint telecom-government lawbreaking, which would, in turn, ensure that this lawbreaking remains concealed.


Merely to describe this behavior is to demonstrate its profound corruption and threat to the very concept of an open democratic government operating under the “rule of law.”

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One response to “The illegal wiretapping and surveillance of Americans

  1. John H. Holliday

    If more people knew the actual ramifications

    There would be a revolution

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