More distortions of what Gore said in An Inconvenient Truth

Media Matters

The Big Oil mouthpieces and the anti-science Republicans are somehow allowed to spew their lies and get more air time than the Nobel Prize Committee and the worldwide consensus of scientists about the advance of global warming and its consquences.

Gore did not claim that a twenty foot rise in sea level would occur this century. The fact is that sea levels are rising now, and willl continue to do so. The pace of the melting of large ice sheets is proceeding faster than was expected. A rapid collapse of the Greenland ice dome or the Antarctic ice sheets would greatly accelerate this rise and cause rises of 20-80 feet; we do not know when it will occur.

The overwhelming fact is that we are approaching a tipping point where we cannot reverse, cannot stop the “snowballing” effects. And that tipping point will happen long before it gets too hot, for example, to live in Alabama. Prof. John Robinson of the University of British Columbia:

He said serious moves to cut emissions must be taken now to have an impact 10 or 15 years from now. “We have to bend the curve. The path we are on right now is taking us into a world of ever-increasing emissions.”

Meanwhile, George Bush does nothing but start wars.

The British judge’s mistakes are documented here. 

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