New Apple wireless keyboards ignore accidental caps lock

The rumors are true. The new little Apple Bluetooth keyboards for your laptop are insanely great; and they ignore accidental swipes on the caps lock key; you have to hold it for a nanosecond or it ignores you, assuming it was just an accident. My ibook G4 has a shit for brains keyboard which has already been replaced twice and finally I got sick of it. I just got the new little wireless keyboard and YOU HAVE TO GET THIS, people, even if your keyboard is still alive. 79 bucks and worth every penny. The little one just sits right over the top of my ibook keyboard without touching any keys, or buttons, or speakers, or the mouse pad. Or, you can sit it in your lap, while the laptop is on the table. It’s brushed aluminum, is about a quarter inch thick and weighs nothing except the batteries. Setup is like 15 seconds. 3 AA batteries (included). the only thing it needs is some little non-skid pads, if you use it at a steep angle. Maybe a little bag to protect it and your laptop when you carry.

Hint: Best Buy seems to have them, even before the Apple stores.

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  1. Sounds awesome, I’ll have to get one myself!

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