You want feces with those fries? Salmonella, E. coli okay with Bushies

Con Agra’s pot pies (like its peanut butter, remember?) are giving people salmonella, and good ole E. Coli is still with us.  But poop in food is okay, say the Bushies, it’s the consumer’s job to get rid of it.

ConAgra spokeswoman Stephanie Childs said Tuesday she didn’t know how many health departments had contacted the company, which is working with officials to determine whether any additional precautions are necessary. No recall is being planned, she said.

Most cases of salmonella poisoning are caused by undercooked eggs and chicken.

Actually, ALL cases of salmonella are ACTUALLY caused by SALMONELLA which got into the food before the victim ever got it.

But Con Agra has, shall we say, a lot of traction with the Bushies. Unlike the poor chumps who got the salmonella…and unlike you and me.

A little NJ company has been sending out its meat with an E coli greeting card. After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, the FDA ordered a recall. How many cases of kidney failure happened? after the FDA knew about it?


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