GOP presidential candidates all approve Bush veto of children’s health insurance


It’s striking, then, that Bush’s would-be Republican successors all agree with the ridiculous White House line.

If you’ve been following the debate, you no doubt know that practically everything the Bush gang has said about the bipartisan S-CHIP compromise is wrong. If you need a refresher, the WaPo’s usually-mild-mannered Eugene Robinson slammed the president pretty hard today, saying Bush’s veto “should shock the consciences of every American.” He added that the White House’s rationale on the policy is “a pack of flat-out lies.”

But they’re lies that Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and John McCain happen to believe.

The four leading Republican presidential candidates have aligned themselves with President Bush’s veto on Wednesday of an expanded health insurance program for children, once again testing the political risk of appearing in lock step with a president who has low approval ratings and some critics of the veto within their party. […]


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One response to “GOP presidential candidates all approve Bush veto of children’s health insurance

  1. It isn’t that Bush is so much against the current plan, but he vetoed the expanded plan. He didn’t want to increase the age of the people who would be covered and go down the slippery slope of free health insurance.

    With Medicare being over $50 Trillion in debt, it doesn’t make sense to go in this direction.

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