follow-up to baseball predictions: Juan Pierre

My prediction at the start of the year:

batting: .289.  Runs:82.  HR 5  2B 27,  3b 14,  RBI 48.  OBP .324. For that he will be paid something like 11 million dollars. Love those triples. … yahoo.

…if the Dodgers just want a guy to tear around the bases and slide into third, a few times a year, to get the fans riled up, fine. But if they want to win a championship, they better figure out what wins games and use this kind of money on good ballplayers, not one-trick ponies.

The results: pretty much spot on, except his extra base hits were down, not surprising considering his new home park. Made a terrific number of outs, his on base pct was .331, scored 96 runs, only 8 triples, no HR. 33 BB. Drove in 41. Stole some bases but was also thrown out 15 times. Made 460 of his team’s approximate 4000 outs. Wow. His slugging pct was only .353, only 22 points over his on base pct. Wow. I defy you to find another 29 year old outfielder who has ever had that small a difference. Juan Pierre is a perfect number 8 hitter.  The Dodgers, like many other teams, are trapped in the idea that speed is the determining fact in deciding on a leadoff hitter and center fielder.  The Cubs, for example, having gotten rid of Pierre before the season, made the even more ridiculous choice of hitting Alfonso Soriano first and playing him in center field; I’ll review my predictions on Soriano after the playoffs.


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  1. Justin


    Some pretty dead on predictions. The skeptic in me is wondering how many predictions were made all together? Are these the only 3 you made or the best 3?

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