Follow-up on baseball predictions: Shannon Stewart and Mike Piazza

.Assuming his health is adequate, Stewart is gonna be an okay player for the A’s, a not-atypical Billy Beane player. I would suggest that they not play him in consecutive games on artificial turf. At the end of the year, He should have been able to play 120 games (more if he DH’s) and will be a contributor; if you compare his value and salary with those of Alfonso Soriano and Juan Pierre, I imagine that Stewart will be a relative steal.

And he was:      g    ab   r   hits  2  3   HR  rbi sb  cs bb so    BA  OBP    Slg
 2007 33 OAK AL 146  576   79  167  22  1  12   48  11  3  47  60  .290  .345  .394  

My prediction on Mike Pizza: “How a team can be smart enough to pull off this deal and yet also dumb enough to give Mike Piazza 8 million is beyond me. ”

here’s what he ended up with:

 2007 38 OAK AL  83  309   33   85  17  1   8   44   0  0  18  61  .275  .313  .414   

I’d say these predictions were spot on.

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