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Why is George Bush going to veto the children’s health insurance bill?

As many, including Bush himself, have observed, Bush is not going to run for any more offices.

he has already told a biographer he is looking forward to retirement when he can fill up the “ole coffers” and buy himself a big house in Dallas.

So, Bush’s idea of being an Elder Statesman apparently doesn’t mean joining Jimmy Carter in airport lines traveling to peddle diplomacy around the world or picking up a hammer to work with Habitat for Humanity or forming a threesome with his dad and Bill Clinton to work on tsunami relief or fight poverty and disease.

 It isn’t a bunch of poor kids who are gonna pay Bush 100,000 a shot to speak to their assembled  executives.  Are we clear?

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Don’t worry, UC Berkeley is alive and well

Those of you who noticed that UC Berkeley’s football team is nationally ranked, don’t worry; the craziness is alive and well:

Superior Court Judge Richard Keller granted UC Berkeley a preliminary injunction against the protesters, who have been perched in an oak grove near Memorial Stadium since December hoping to stop the university’s plan to build a sports facility there.

The judge barred the protesters from “lodging in, scaling, climbing or hanging or sitting or standing” in tree-houses, hammocks or platforms in the grove, according to the order.

University officials asked for the injunction because of what they described as rapidly increasing safety and sanitation problems at the grove. UC police have issued almost 200 citations for trespassing, assault and other infractions, and some officers have complained of being hit with feces and urine from the tree houses. Several of the tree houses also have propane tanks for cooking.

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follow-up to baseball predictions: Juan Pierre

My prediction at the start of the year:

batting: .289.  Runs:82.  HR 5  2B 27,  3b 14,  RBI 48.  OBP .324. For that he will be paid something like 11 million dollars. Love those triples. … yahoo.

…if the Dodgers just want a guy to tear around the bases and slide into third, a few times a year, to get the fans riled up, fine. But if they want to win a championship, they better figure out what wins games and use this kind of money on good ballplayers, not one-trick ponies.

The results: pretty much spot on, except his extra base hits were down, not surprising considering his new home park. Made a terrific number of outs, his on base pct was .331, scored 96 runs, only 8 triples, no HR. 33 BB. Drove in 41. Stole some bases but was also thrown out 15 times. Made 460 of his team’s approximate 4000 outs. Wow. His slugging pct was only .353, only 22 points over his on base pct. Wow. I defy you to find another 29 year old outfielder who has ever had that small a difference. Juan Pierre is a perfect number 8 hitter.  The Dodgers, like many other teams, are trapped in the idea that speed is the determining fact in deciding on a leadoff hitter and center fielder.  The Cubs, for example, having gotten rid of Pierre before the season, made the even more ridiculous choice of hitting Alfonso Soriano first and playing him in center field; I’ll review my predictions on Soriano after the playoffs.

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follow-up on baseball prediction: Randy Johnson

Johnson started 10 games, pitched 57 innings, won 4, lost 3. Hurt most of the year.

my prediction was: At his age and state of health, Arizona may get ten decent starts out of him.

no applause, please….

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Follow-up on baseball predictions: Shannon Stewart and Mike Piazza

.Assuming his health is adequate, Stewart is gonna be an okay player for the A’s, a not-atypical Billy Beane player. I would suggest that they not play him in consecutive games on artificial turf. At the end of the year, He should have been able to play 120 games (more if he DH’s) and will be a contributor; if you compare his value and salary with those of Alfonso Soriano and Juan Pierre, I imagine that Stewart will be a relative steal.

And he was:      g    ab   r   hits  2  3   HR  rbi sb  cs bb so    BA  OBP    Slg
 2007 33 OAK AL 146  576   79  167  22  1  12   48  11  3  47  60  .290  .345  .394  

My prediction on Mike Pizza: “How a team can be smart enough to pull off this deal and yet also dumb enough to give Mike Piazza 8 million is beyond me. ”

here’s what he ended up with:

 2007 38 OAK AL  83  309   33   85  17  1   8   44   0  0  18  61  .275  .313  .414   

I’d say these predictions were spot on.

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