Assistant US Attorney pleads “it’s okay, I’m a Republican”

Assistant US Attorney J Roy Atchison of Gulf Breeze, FL, entered a not guilty plea to charges related to alleged bad business with the internet and 5 year old girls; while the predominantly Republican community of Gulf Breeze went on with its business:

“Fortunately, none of his actions had any impact here in the community – that we know of,” said Gulf Breeze Mayor Lane Gilchrist. “Our main concern is the impact for his family that lives here.”

“He’s squeaky clean,” said one local official, on condition of anonymity. Another says there was no indication of any untoward behavior on his part as a coach and president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association (GBSA).

I mean, certainly he never did anything like that around where he lives…..strictly an out of town type perv….


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2 responses to “Assistant US Attorney pleads “it’s okay, I’m a Republican”

  1. Corruption Buster

    This story has legs and is being investigated in Gulf Breeze. The Mayor’s comment is somewhat misleading. In fact Peter Paulding the Gulf Breeze police chief was hand picked by Roy Atchison about 4 years ago. Stay tuned for more in the Gulf Breeze Scandal. Why would an alleged child molester have any say in hand picking his hometown police chief?
    How well did Roy Atchison and Peter Paulding know each other. Why would Paulding move away from his home of 50+ years to take a pay cut and run a town that was 1/4 the size of where he came from? Many more questions come to mind.

  2. Corruption Buster

    Why would an alleged child molester in Gulf Breeze Florida hand pick an unknown police chief from a thousand miles away in Massachusetts? Roy Atchison is no longer with us, but Peter Paulding is.
    Who investigates Atchison’s Gulf Breeze history? Peter Paulding? That seems like a conflict of interest doesn’t it?

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