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The Republican Party: sex crimes r us?

Family values? don’t make me laugh.

you want the list? I’ll give you the list.

And that doesn’t include multiple marriages and adultery. Yes, Rudy, Fred, John, I’m lookin at you.

and it doesn’t include the “alleged” and indicted situations recently in FL, or the Foleys who get off because Republican authorities shield them.

There’s something seriously wrong there, people.


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Republican Congressman and his “housemate/man” swindle DC out of property taxes

It’s difficult to sort out all the parts of this story; sort of combines the usual Republican behavior: greed, closet homosexuality, lawbreaking, voter fraud, and lying.

 Congressman Patrick T. McHenry (R-NC), right, purchased a residence in Washington, DC’s Capital Hill neighborhood with another man, PageOneQ has learned. While he owned the home, McHenry and co-owner Scott G. Stewart claimed eligibility for the District of Columbia’s Homestead Tax Deduction, a tax reduction program to encourage homeownership and residence in DC. At the same time McHenry was registered to vote, and did so, in Gaston County, North Carolina.

Oh, and massive hypocrisy. Check out his website.

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Assistant US Attorney pleads “it’s okay, I’m a Republican”

Assistant US Attorney J Roy Atchison of Gulf Breeze, FL, entered a not guilty plea to charges related to alleged bad business with the internet and 5 year old girls; while the predominantly Republican community of Gulf Breeze went on with its business:

“Fortunately, none of his actions had any impact here in the community – that we know of,” said Gulf Breeze Mayor Lane Gilchrist. “Our main concern is the impact for his family that lives here.”

“He’s squeaky clean,” said one local official, on condition of anonymity. Another says there was no indication of any untoward behavior on his part as a coach and president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association (GBSA).

I mean, certainly he never did anything like that around where he lives…..strictly an out of town type perv….


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Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) blames Iran for bathroom sting operation

Craig says they train undercover cops to use against American politicians. Calls for “bathroom buster” attack against Iranian training camps.
Steve Fossett was unavailable for comment.

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Admiral William Fallon: how long before he’s fired?

I like this guy.

According to Asia Times:

[Neocon]… calls for action became so intense that the commander of the US Central Command and Petraeus’s superior, Admiral William Fallon, who has been trying to get authorization to negotiate an “incidents at sea” agreement with Iran, complained publicly that “this constant drumbeat of conflict is … not helpful and not useful. It is not a good idea to be in a state of war. We ought to try to do our utmost to create different conditions,” he told Al-Jazeera.

This is also the guy who called Gen. David Petraeus “an ass-kisser.”


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AIPAC wrote anti-Iran bill: more of the same.

Every step taken by AIPAC, Israel, and the US toward military solutions to the Israel/Palestine problem is counterproductive, and in the long run will have to be retraced, in more blood. It is not in the US interests to participate in proxy “preventative” wars and “revenge wars” against Arab countries, in order to supposedly make the region safer for Israel. The models for the US’ use of torture, “preventative” war, rendition, and assassination can be found in Israel’s tactics against the Palestinians. The adoption of these methods by the US following the 9/11 attack has turned our country, formerly the beacon of the free world, into a hated purveyor of oppression and occupation.

Asia Times is reporting that the Lieberman-Kyl bill was written by the powerful Zionist lobbying group:

In fact, the first call for cross-border attacks on Iranian targets was made by the Senate’s “independent” Democrat, Joseph Lieberman, who is regarded as particularly close to the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Indeed, it was Lieberman and Republican Senator John Kyl – an honorary co-chair of the pro-Likud Committee on the Present Danger – who co-sponsored the Senate amendment naming the IRGC as a terrorist group in an effort clearly designed to help tilt the internal balance within the administration.

As introduced, the amendment, which according to several Capitol Hill sources was drafted by AIPAC, actually went considerably further, deploying language that some senators argued could be interpreted as authorizing war against Iran.

Ezra Klein:

The Senate’s adoption of the Lieberman/Kyl amendment designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “terrorist group” isn’t merely embarrassing, it’s counterproductive. Designating the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group — which in contemporary American terms means they’re a target — makes it all the more important for Iran to keep us tied up and weakened in Iraq. The more we telegraph that we’d like to devote forces to regime change or strikes in Tehran, the stronger Iran’s incentive to keep Iraq an unstable morass trapping ever-greater numbers of American troops who can’t be easily diverted from a chaotic mission and are geographically vulnerable to Iranian counter-attack.

Additionally, it further ensures Iran’s incentive is to keep Iran from becoming stable under American protection and thus a platform from which we can safely launch attacks on the Iranian state. Iran will never allow Iraq to stabilize so long as Iraqi stability degrades the safety of the Iranian regime. And given that Iraq is Shi’ite, Iran is Shi’ite, and America is not, Tehran’s got a whole lot more pull there than we do. So not only is the Lieberman/Kyl amendment bad policy vis-a-vis Iran, but it’s terrible policy for stabilizing Iraq — which Lieberman professes to care about. “Professes” being the key word there.

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Comment of the day: “value voters” favor Rudy???


sniflheim wrote on September 28, 2007 1:19 PM:

“Values voters” will have alot of splainin’ to do if they choose Rudy as their candidate.
Rudy makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy, and we all know how the “values voters” have been using Clinton as a punching bag for the last decade and a half.
Perhaps “values voters” should be renamed “hypocrite voters”.

Allow me to splain. Their ultimate value is authority. Rudy is their best hope to fulfill Sideshow Bob’s promise to “rule you like a king.”


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