How to obtain YOUR Homeland Security travel records

For the first nine months of his administration, Bush sat around and ignored warnings about a 9-11-like attack, from the outgoing Clinton administration, the CIA and from its director, George Tenet; from his daily presidential briefings, and Bush even ignored the news of the attack. The 9/11 attacks could have been prevented under existing laws. The FBI had more data than they could handle, even then. But Bush and the darker forces at work in this country have now used 9-11 as an excuse to compile massive amounts of information on you and me…travel records, phone calls, internet postings, emails, even personal mail.
Your government has way too much information on you; since you are not a terrorist, how will they use it? any way they want to. They may use it against you politically, sell it, lose it, give it away, bungle it, or in as yet undreamed of ways, screw you with it.

You can at least see the unclassified part of it.


You have to download a couple forms, mail them in, and wait around for a month.

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