Bush, Rice stonewall on Blackwater and corruption in Iraq

Maybe somebody ought to tell Bush about how his idol,  Harry Truman, became famous. The Truman Commission. Of course, Bush is not at all like Truman. In fact, Bush isn’t like any decent person.


A new letter from House oversight committee Chair Henry Waxman (D-CA) to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice charges that State Department officials have refused to answer Congressional investigators’ questions about corruption in the Iraqi government unless the committee agrees not to disclose their answers.

That’s not all. In the letter, Waxman charges that State has instructed Blackwater not to cooperate with the committee’s inquiry into its operations in Iraq (more on that soon), and that Condoleezza Rice herself has refused to testify about either corruption within the Maliki government or any aspect of the Blackwater controversy.


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