Father of dead soldier beaten by pro-war demonstrators


On September 15th Gold Star Dad, Carlos Arrendondo was participating in a peaceful protest against the Iraq War in which he carried a mock coffin which displayed a photo of his son, Alex who was killed in action. A group of republican war mongers, seeing the offending photo of a dead American Soldier first ripped the photo from the coffin and refused to return it. When they hadn’t expressed their hate glands sufficiently, they thought it would be fun to beat the living shit out of this 47 year old, grieving father. Crooks and Liars has the photo.

A bystander named Ramesh witnessed the whole encounter and also retrieved the picture of Alex for Carlos. He was quite distressed at how he watched the men follow Carlos as he pulled the memorial, purposefully yelling epiphets and eventually taking Alex’s photograph. Soon, an ambulance showed up as well as many concerned activists. The paramedics provided first aid to Carlos but he did not seek further medical attention. Carlos sustained bloody cuts on his shins. He also reported bruises all over his torso and head where he was kicked.

If you don’t see the fascism, people, you deserve what lies ahead.


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