Cholera in Iraq: US holding up chlorine shipments.

This is going to kill hundreds and hundreds of people, and many of them children.

The World Health Organisation confirmed the first case of cholera in Baghdad, raising fears the disease is spreading.

A 25-year-old woman from western Baghdad was found to have cholera after she turned up at a hospital with a severe case of diarrhoea, said Dr Naeema al-Gasseer, the WHO’s representative in Iraq.

Cholera broke out in mid-August but had been limited to just the north of the country.

Several suspected cases had been reported in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, but al-Gasseer said none of those had been confirmed.

Al-Gasseer said some 100,000 tons of chlorine were being held up at Iraq’s border with Jordan apparently because of fears the chemical could be used in explosives.

She urged authorities to release it for use in decontaminating water supplies.

Bombing is only one of the ways we have reduced Iraq “to the stone age.”


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