Breaking: Melvin Dummar picks up Steve Fossett in the Nevada desert


Well-known “good Samaritan” Melvin Dummar claims that he unknowingly picked up Steve Fossett, who was hitchhiking on a remote Nevada road. Fossett had a scrubby beard, shoulder length, hair, and long fingernails. According to Dummar, Fossett asked to be taken to a Las Vegas hotel, and paid Dummar $135 cash for his trouble, which was all the money he had at the time. According to Dummar, the man also promised to give Dummar “a million dollars,” as soon as the banks opened the next day. Dummar did not know who the man was, and thought he was just telling stories, so he did not go back to the hotel to collect the money. Several days later, Dummar saw a picture of Fossett on television.

Hotel personnel in Las Vegas claim that Fossett never registered there.

Dummar’s attorney released a statement this morning stating that Fossett’s estate owes Melvin $1,000,000 plus accruing interest.



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10 responses to “Breaking: Melvin Dummar picks up Steve Fossett in the Nevada desert

  1. This cat justs wants some money. Is he serious? He’s banking on Steve’s body, if he has died, not being found. I can’t believe the audacity of some people.

  2. Sierra Fox

    Steve Fossett has always been very frugal with money and he would NEVER just give someone $1,000,000 in exchange for a ride.

  3. Betty

    Considering the fact that you cannot find any news reports or articles anywhere else about this, I guarantee you that this isn’t a real article. Do not take it seriously.

  4. Mel

    This story was re-written with Steve Fossett’s name instead of the original story that Melvin Dummar picked up Howard Hughes, since money and corruption keep oppression alive, only the rich stay rich, and an honest guy gets ripped off!

    Steve Fossett was lost, and his body was recently found… so there was no merit to this story, but a re-write of the Melvin and Howard movie script.

    Hell is going to be full of corporate big wigs, lawyers, and politicians, among common criminals alike.

  5. Janine

    That is twisted and just wrong to write this junk.

  6. Ralph Oliver

    I just read this ridiculous article. Google Frank W. Gay and read his obits, etc.and his connection to Dummar’s suits. Gay was a benefactor of Boy Scouts of America and the closest person to Hughes. I have a certificate signed by Gay in 1968 thanking me for fund-raising leadership in Boy Scouts. Hughes used to slip away from his Vegas hotel and go to the Waterfalls Hotel in Palm Springs, a real dump, for secret trysts. He’d walk about 4 a.m. in the desert with shadowy bodyguards following at a distance. I believe somebody at Cottontail beat him up and tossed him alongside the road. I’m sure Dummar told the truth and should have received compensation and honors for saving Hughes. As former U.S. Treasury Agent (same class with Clinton J. Hill, agent who jumped on JFK’s car in Dallas), I have always been interested in Hughes, JFK, Bay of Pigs (google my friend Blas Casares, frogman for great story). My late son, pilot, killed jumping from plane over New Zealand, was last American to escape from Sandinistas in Nicaragua in 1979. I’m counter-intelligence vet of Korean War (combat in 1951) and lived in caves of North Korea for nearly a year. I’m retired archaeologist and have analysed the Dummar story from the beginning. He saved the life of Howard Hughes.

  7. Lynne

    Wow, Ralph, you are impressive. i just watched a show about inheritance on OWN and it made Melvin seem like a liar. But to me, it was honest. Just an omission of taking the paper to the Mormons, maybe he was afraid. You know back in that day and time, once their “handwriting analysis” expert and fingerprint expert were done, they would have removed any of Howard. Why not just give the guy the money? They spent probably that much in legal fees and the downward spiral of Hughes’ money after his death. What greed.

  8. This is Melvin Dummar, the story about me picking up Steve Fossett, is total B S I wish that people would not post things about me that aren’t true I don’t know who Steve is and I never picked him up, Most of the things that have been wrote about me , about 95% of it is out of line and not true. So please don’t believe everything you read , or hear about me. Thank You

    • Ralph Oliver

      Hi Melvin. Don’t you believe my story (above) about the thugs at Cottontail Ranch beating hell out of Hughes and dropping him alongside the road?
      I am sure of this part of the story, but don’t know about the rest of it, including your role. I think your story is credible.

  9. no one else takes it seriously; if you did, you’d know who he was.

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