…some of the people all of the time….


Shows over, strike the set

It is absolutely amazing that whenever there is a major US domestic political event that requires the vapors of ‘progress’ to be present in Iraq in order to buy the President another FU or two, progress occurs. And it is even more amazing that as soon as the political inflection point passes, the progress dissipates. It is almost like there is a pattern here as we hear today that a substantial part of the not yet completed but oh so close political progress that has been accomplished in the breathing space created by another seven hundred dead Americans, $150,000,000,000 dollars and half a million dead, wounded or displaced Iraqis has failed again, via the New York Times:

A carefully constructed compromise on a draft law governing Iraq’s rich oil fields, agreed to in February after months of arduous talks among Iraqi political groups, appears to have collapsed…..

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