top ten bizarre beliefs of Catholicism

From J walk

just a few indications of the strangeness of those who, say, dominate the Supreme Court:

A list of the Top 10 Bizarre Aspects of Catholicism.

The Catholic Church claims that it is the oldest Christian Church in the world, dating back to Jesus himself. In the time that the Church has been on earth, many unusual traditions have arisen. While most of them seem perfectly normal to Catholics, to non-Catholics they often seem outright bizarre.

Here’s a summary (each is fully explained in the article):

1. Stigmata
2. The Cilice
3. The Flagrum
4. Confraternities of the Cord
5. Relics
6. Indulgences
7. The Real Presence
8. Exorcism
9. Papal Infallibility
10. The Scapular


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