The new countdown to attack on Iran

Back to the countdown.

Bush continues to escalate his rhetoric into the realm of acts of war, as Glenn Greenwald documents today. Words like murderous and holocaust cannot be taken lightly in this context. The US took prisoner an Iranian delegation in Iraq, and Bush is now spouting off about Iranians detaining Americans.

On the other side of the ledger, I was somewhat heartened by Joe Lieberman’s recent remarks, reported in the Jerusalem Post, stating that economic sanctions were the way to go, at present.

But I think Lieberman is just buying time. If I am George Bush, looking to start a war with iran, maximize its political value, and dodge resposibility for its consequences, my timing is pretty clear: the late summer/early fall of 2008. Bush is in the process of arming the Middle East to the teeth, and probably calculates that the Congress will continue to fund the iraq War. The real crunch, he believes, will come next spring, when we really do begin to run out of soldiers. That is when Bush will declare that diplomacy has failed, and the naval buildup will commence in earnest, with an aerial attack to follow within a few months. Bush is building a stronger case against Iran than he had against Iraq, and the Congress will fall all over themselves to endorse the use of force. Though he has lost lapdog Tony Blair, Bush seems to have found a new running dog in the person of France’s new leader:

A day after French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner apologized to Iraq for his inappropriate call for a leadership change in that country, President Nicolas Sarkozy added his own blunder by tacitly endorsing the military option on Iran. Clearly, the new US-friendly leader in Paris has much to learn about international diplomacy and Middle East politics, or he risks taking France down a path where only the dogs of war and clashing civilizations prowl.

One of the several great ironies in this attack on Iran is that it may well result in the eventual destruction of the state of israel.


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One response to “The new countdown to attack on Iran

  1. Well i think its about time france stood up with usa too ,they learned what can happen when germany attacked them and i think they too can see through all the muslim properganda and see that iran wouldnt need a lot of things it was using unless they wanted to make nuke weapons and anyone in their right mind couldnt imagine the terroist regime iran having nukes and giving them to their proxy terroists ,for all the things bush has done wrong he is right about iran and the world should stand by him just like usa stood by everyone in the last world war ,when even uk was duped by hitler .

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