How to make Two Buck Chuck into real wine.

Two buck Chuck.

It’s the California wine with the cult following.

“Charles Shaw is known in local circles as “Two Buck Chuck,” said shopper Mercy Malick.

Humble Two Buck Chuck. The $1.99 nectar of the gods that is sinfully cheap and good.

“Better than the box wines we drank in college for the same prices,” another shopper told CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen.

A full year after flooding the market largely on the west coast, it’s still being sold by the case to wine lovers who can’t get enough

A good wine, but not a great wine. It would be a great wine if it just had that hint of vanilla, with pear tones.


take your bottle of vanilla, and add one drop to a cup of water. Then add one drop of this solution to your Chuck.

Pears? cut off a piece of pear, about half the size of a sugar cube, and put it in a cup. Mash it up with a spoon, and fill the cup with water. Add one drop of this fluid (no debris, just the liquid) to your Chuck.

Allow the wine to age for 20 minutes at room temperature.

Sample liberally.

Got the idea?

you got any chocolate? berries? oak trees? earth?


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