Hoekstra: Bush should drop “democracy” in Iraq.

I would say that somebody (Bush or Ayad Allawi’s lobbyists) has gotten to Bushwar loyalist Peter Hoekstra; and it looks bad for Nouri al Maliki.

Speaking during a taping of Michigan Public Television’s “Off the Record,” Hoekstra said in a Muslim country dominated by rival tribal factions, western-style democracy is not workable.

“You’ve got a culture where democracy is not part of, ‘Let’s go there,’ ” Hoekstra said. ”It was a stretch.”

He said he met with Sunni tribal chiefs who hold politically sway in Iraq, and concluded, ‘They are not looking for a county commission to tell them what to do.” But Hoekstra said he opposes setting a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. He said Congress and President George W. Bush must decide on a unified course of action that will stabilize Iraq, based on new intelligence reports and a much-anticipated September status report by the U.S. top commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus.

To reach that consensus, Hoekstra said Bush should drop the notion of a democratic Iraq.

Hoekstra is an important Bush ally and member of the Intelligence Committee. I would imagine that this is the handwriting on the wall for the elected officials of Iraq. The timeline for the upcoming “coup” is probably sometime shortly after the so called “Petraeus” report in September.

Bush’s flimsy “spreading democracy” policy has been a sham from the beginning.  Coups are much more in keeping with the Bush mentality.


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