Michael Vick to take plea bargain

San Jose Mercury News reports that pro footballer Vick has agreed “in principle” to take the deal offered by prosecutors. I can’t imagine he’ll ever play in the NFL again.  I don’t think he has to go to prison for 5 years. I mean, if he lived in a trailer on the edge of town, what would happen to him? He’d go to jail for 18 months, get fined, and do community service.



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2 responses to “Michael Vick to take plea bargain

  1. Roberta

    If Vick lived in a trailer at the edge of town, he could not have afforded a big dog fighting operation that crossed state lines. Local dog fighting operations traditionally are subject only to state/local laws, and those laws generally are neither particularly harsh nor well-enforced. I doubt that Vick was aware that he was violating federal laws when he and his cohorts crossed state lines to fight their dogs. Feds in the picture upped the ante. If Vick fails to reach a plea agreement, he will be hit with RICO charges that could cost him up to 20 years behind bars. Personally, I hope he doesn’t plea and a jury finds him guilty on all counts.

  2. Frankie

    What about Vick’s steroid abuse?

    What about Nike and their endorsement of steroid cheats? (Armstrong, Montgomery, Bonds, Giambi, Jones, Gatlin, White, Collins, Jenkins, Edwards, Jacobs, Bryant, Vick)

    What about nailing the NFL? The NBA?

    What about the other NFL and NBA dop fighters?

    Why goat out just one criminal?

    Roger Goodell and George Mitchell are covering up steroids, illegal gaming and dog fighting. Yet all these crimes will continue on unabated w/o Vick. Disney-ESPN will continue to make big money on this Polypharmacy freak show.

    Steroids kill dogs!

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