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Michael Vick to take plea bargain

San Jose Mercury News reports that pro footballer Vick has agreed “in principle” to take the deal offered by prosecutors. I can’t imagine he’ll ever play in the NFL again.  I don’t think he has to go to prison for 5 years. I mean, if he lived in a trailer on the edge of town, what would happen to him? He’d go to jail for 18 months, get fined, and do community service.


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McClatchy suggests Rice trying to use Iran sanctions to head off war


McClatchy News Service suggests that the UN is reluctant/unlikely to vote more economic sanctions against Iran in September, and that Cheney is clamoring for action. Rice, according to the article, favors designating the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, so that the US can impose sanctions.

In any case, the continuing escalation will eventually lead to a breakdown of any diplomatic prospects.

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