Time to resume the Iran war watch.

Arthur Silber is convinced that war with Iran is on the horizon.

Over the Line, Smokey! has followed this issue closely over the past year. The claims of an impending attack in the summer of 2007 seemed to be more of a negotiating tool, designed to scare Iran into compliance with US demands concerning nuclear enrichment. Needless to say, the attack did not materialize. But the US claims against Iran did not stop, and the emphasis changed from nuclear issues to charges that Iran was, in essence, complicit in attacks on US soldiers in Iraq. Many of these stories passed uncritically from the mouths of Pentagon spokesmen to the public via stories “written” by Michael Gordon, in the NY Times. The Congress expressed its belief in the these stories, by almost unanimous votes. It is becoming clear that US “negotiations” with Iran are halfhearted gestures.

The recent announcement that Bush/Cheney will designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization provides the final legal cover for an attack.

Silber points out, correctly, that there is no one to stop Cheney, who is really calling the shots, from this mad course of action. Nor would it result in impeachment.

What might be the timing? certainly Bush will not stand for any cut-off of funds for his Iraq war; such Congressional action might trigger the attack on Iran. Would Cheney/Bush try to cancel the 2008 elections, particularly if the presidency appears to be likely to go to a Democrat? I don’t think this is out of the question. Or would an attack come after the elections, before the inaguration of a new administration?

The depravity of this administration is yet to be plumbed.



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4 responses to “Time to resume the Iran war watch.

  1. Well i think you should support your country instead of listening to all the terroist properganda ,bush has made a lot of mistakes thats for sure but he is right about that band of lunatics in iran which are no more than legal terroists ,they have got away with many attacks on the usa for about 30 yrs and to think of them with nukes and their will to want to wipe usa /israel off the map ,bush is right they must be stopped or the iranians are mad eneough to start a world war ,they started this terroist crap usa should finish it once and for all and the world should stand by the usa as they once did for us !!

  2. Hague


    Maybe you should read news more often and then you could actually form a coherent supposition. More destruction is not the answer, even for the village idiot.

  3. I’m afraid Bush has more “terminal” disasters planned before he exits, finishing by pardoning everyone as he bolts.

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