Bush’s latest move against Iran is troublesome

Over the Line, Smokey! has followed the progression of Bush/Cheney maneuvers against Iran for many months.

The administration’s announcement that they will declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “global terrorist group” is extraordinary and very troublesome.  It constitutes an effort to allow an attack on Iran, using the pre-Iraq-invasion Authorization of the Use of Military Force, without further Congressional debate.

This in a week when both Iraq Prime Minister al Maliki and Afghanistan’s Karzai pronounced Iran’s efforts in the region “helpful”.

I would guess that this move came from David Addington, Dick Cheney’s legal eagle, and that it signifies that Cheney’s paranoid delusions are once again going to take the US to an unwarranted and counterproductive war.  And once again,  as in the runup to the Iraq war, the NY Times’ shabby journalism, as executed by Michael Gordon, will be in no small measure to blame.


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One response to “Bush’s latest move against Iran is troublesome

  1. Ok, here’s a problem as I see it:

    The IRG DO fall within the guidelines of what constitutes a terrorist organization. Adding them to the list is appropriate for that reason.

    I do not believe they’re being added for that reason. I agree with you and your sources that this is political move aimed at further pressuring the Iranian government to cease its current activities.

    Frankly, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not. Iran has been doing some fairly vile things and we really don’t want them to become a nuclear power. We also can’t really undertake another long conventional war right now; we don’t have the forces to prosecute it.

    Yeah, it’s troublesome.

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