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al Maliki forms new coalition in Iraq parliament; Sunnis, al Sadr not included

Kurds and moderate Shiite factions have united to form a new coalition in Iraq’s parliament. While this prevents the fall of al Maliki’s government, it would seem to continue to exclude even moderate Sunnis. It seems likely that the Kurds and Shiites are continuing to divide up the country and the oil as they see fit.  This is being spun in some reports ie Wall Street Journal as making it possible to  pass the oil laws which are so important to the US.

There will be no accommodation of the Sunnis, no reversal of deBaathification, no reconciliation with al Sadr, and thus the insurgency will continue. The US military in Iraq has no solution for these issues.

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Bush’s latest move against Iran is troublesome

Over the Line, Smokey! has followed the progression of Bush/Cheney maneuvers against Iran for many months.

The administration’s announcement that they will declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “global terrorist group” is extraordinary and very troublesome.  It constitutes an effort to allow an attack on Iran, using the pre-Iraq-invasion Authorization of the Use of Military Force, without further Congressional debate.

This in a week when both Iraq Prime Minister al Maliki and Afghanistan’s Karzai pronounced Iran’s efforts in the region “helpful”.

I would guess that this move came from David Addington, Dick Cheney’s legal eagle, and that it signifies that Cheney’s paranoid delusions are once again going to take the US to an unwarranted and counterproductive war.  And once again,  as in the runup to the Iraq war, the NY Times’ shabby journalism, as executed by Michael Gordon, will be in no small measure to blame.

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Karl Rove: Hillary killer for hire

The departure of Karl Rove from the Bush team is being treated with some confusion.  Seems like a slam dunk to me.  Rove’s thing has always been dirty tricks and election strategy. You can argue about how successful he would have been without some intervention from the Supreme Court, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Osama Bin Laden.

At any rate, Rove would see the “swiftboating” of Hillary Clinton as the capstone of his career, and also his chance to make a million bucks.

That’s where he’s going. That’s what he’s gonna try to do.

What’s the big mystery?

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Phil Rizzuto, name-source for Scooter Libby, dies

Rizzuto (“The Scooter”) was a good player, who made the Hall of Fame because he was a very nice guy, a baseball broadcaster, a NY Yankee, and the subject of a worshipful biography. Arguments over who should be in the Hall of Fame are largely academic, but I’ll make the categorical statement that Rizzuto’s election was just wrong, unless and until Junior Stephens, another shortstop of the same era, is inducted. Stephens’ numbers and skills made Rizzuto look like a journeyman. Even Harvey Kuenn was more of a Hall of Famer than was Phil Rizzuto. There are literally dozens of players who had careers comparable to Rizzuto’s, yet are not in the Hall.


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