Do it yourself: replacing fabric window screens.

It’s not as hard as they make you believe, if you follow this tip (I’m not gonna go through the whole thing).  The key thing is DON’T take out the frame and put it on a flat surface like they tell you. If you try to do it flat, you will eventually commit suicide trying to get it straight and tight. Your neighbor will laugh.

you have to get a little tension on the screen before you put in the first spline. The easiest way is to leave the screen frame in the window; remove the old splines and screen.

don’t cut off the new fabric from the roll. Position a table or box below the frame (which is still in the window) and put the new fabric roll on it. Get out a roll of masking tape and tear 6 2 inch pieces. Now unroll the fabric upwards until the edge is a couple inches above the top channel.  Make sure its straight, and tape it up with the masking tape pieces; this is just temporary; just to hold it while you tear off a long piece of tape and run it along the entire upper edge, covering the other pieces. The masking tape will barely hold the fabric. 

Now wind up the roll (on the table) to create some tension and secure the roll position with some heavy object like a brick. Make sure the fabric is straight.

now just put in the top spline. The fabric will pull slowly out from under the tape as you go.

Keep the roll on the table to maintain a slight tension.  Put in the lower spline. The tension from the roll will ensure that the window screen will tighten up as you put in the spline.

That’s all there is to it. Put in the side splines, trim and have a beer.   Make sure your neighbor notices your perfect screen.


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