Here’s a puzzle for geometrists/do it yourselfers.

Your bathroom door opens inward with the hinges on the right. It has an inside pushbotton door lock on the doorknob. Inside your very small bathroom, on the right, behind the door, is a shower enclosure, with a glass door, which opens outward, hinges on the right.

In order to have good ventilation of the bathroom and the shower enclosure, you customarily leave the window open and the doors (both) open, but not a constant amount. There is no position of the shower door in which it will not be struck by the doorknob.

The problem: at times, when the bathroom door opens from the wind or by human action, the doorknob lock button hits the shower door, thus locking the door the next time it closes. Yes, it is easy to unlock with a cutoff Qtip. But that’s not the point. I don’t want to have to fiddle with it every day, and I am afraid that someday that doorknob is going to break the shower door.

In contemplating a solution, neither of the doors can be impeded, and I can’t have anything (like doorstops) sticking out, or stuff sitting on the floor; the room is already hard enough to negotiate.

How to fix this problem? Enter your solution in the comments and win a free trip to “the button site.”


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