Oregon State Police looking for scapegoat in death of two

This is over the line. The Oregon State Police are looking for the man who made a 911 call to report a car which went off the north side of Highway 26, 1/4 mile west of milepost 26, into brush.  In other words, he gave the exact location of the car and told the dispatcher that it could not be seen from the road. He had driven away from the scene to find a phone.

An OSP car responded immediately and the officer cruised slowly up and down the road for a couple of miles, stopped at one point (not at the described point), and did not get out of the car at the designated spot. He gave up the search after 30 minutes.

The car was spotted weeks later by an airplane, and proved to fit the description and location exactly, with two dead people inside. Exactly where the caller said. The brother in law of one of the victims:

Mulligan is angry the car was not found when that call came in on June 8.

“It had to be incompetence,” he said. “That’s the only way I can explain it. I’ve been searching here for two weeks. I’m not a policeman or anything else, but give me those directions and I’ll find that in a few minutes.”

Now the OSP want to pin the whole thing on the caller, for not returning to the scene. They say he may have falsified his name or number. I hope to hell they don’t find him. He did the right thing. They will try to crucify him. Meanwhile, the Oregon State Police, still smarting from the James Kim fiasco, will dance away.

Makes you not want to get involved, doesn’t it?


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